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In this journal I share a lot of the recipes I find online or develop myself. Since people often ask me for pointers to those, here's an index, dated to stay at the top of the page:

• Starred entries were part of the 100 New Recipe Challenge that I did in 2009.
• Feel free to ask questions, either here or in the original entries.
• I think I have made all these entries public, but if you find you're locked out of one, just let me know and I'll fix it.
• If there are things you've heard me talk of making that aren't listed here, that's probably because they're old favorites that I haven't thought to post about. Feel free to ask and I'll dig up a recipe for you.

Starters and Hors D'Oeuvre

Pear-Goast Cheese Crostini
*Mushroom and Gruyere Cheesecake
Fried Stuffed Squash Blossoms
Roasted Figs with Goat Cheese

Smoked Trout Pate
*Curried Tuna Lettuce Wraps
Apple-Porcini Pate
*Beef Carpaccio
Steak Tartare
Bruschetta di Prosciutto

*Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup
*Chicken Chowder
*Chicken Tortilla Soup
*Sausage Kale Soup
Hungarian Mushroom Soup
Pasta Fagioli
White Gazpacho
French Onion Soup
Creamy Artichoke Soup
Pozole (Mexican Pork & Hominy Stew)
Chicken Pozole
Creamy Parsnip Soup
Oxtail Soup
Creamy Roasted Tomato Soup
Turkey Stock and Mushroom/Marjoram Soup

Eggs, Salads & Sandwiches
*Frittata with Prosciutto, Arugula and Parmesan
*Frittata with Bacon, Onion and*Gruyere
*Soft Boiled Duck Eggs with Warm Anchovy Vinaigrette
*Spinach Salad with Mahogany Mushrooms and Onions
Smoked Chicken Salad
Ultimate Panzanella
*Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad
*Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
*Pasta Salad with Tuna
*Summer Squash Salad
*Roasted Beet Salad
*Croque Monsieur

*Chipotle Mayo
*Arugula-Walnut Pesto
Tomato Water
Tarragon-Butter Sauce
Absolutely Fabulous Greek/House Dressing
Pipián (Green Pumpkinseed Sauce)
Cranberry-Orange Relish with Ginger

*Parmesan Scalloped Potatoes
*Au Gratin Potatoes
*Polenta with Mushrooms
*Roasted Onions and Baby Potatoes
*Greek Style Potatoes
*Roasted Red Potatoes
*Basic Rice Pilaf
Walnut-Sage Scalloped Potatoes
Roasted Potatoes & Kale
Pilaf of Rice & Orzo
Creamed Corn
Lemon-Thyme Mashed Potatoes
Celeriac Puree
Yorkshire Pudding
Bread Stuffing with Fresh Herbs

*Brussels Sprouts with Garlic and Bacon
*Browned Cauliflower with Anchovies, Olives and Capers
*Sautéed Green Beans with Garlic and Basil
*Green Beans with Feta Cheese
*Mashed Cauliflower with Cheese
*Braised Tuscan Kale
*Boursin Creamed Spinach
*Grilled Asparagus
*Roasted Asparagus
*Simple Peas
Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin
Ultimate Roasted Broccoli
*Roasted Tomatoes
*Baked Cucumbers
Jewel-Roasted Vegetables
Roasted Pumpkin with Sage Brown Butter

*Rigatoni alla Norcina
*Pasta with Buttered Leeks and *Parsley
*Bacon & Egg Pasta
*Orzo with Lemon, Garlic, Parmigiano & Herbs
*Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad
*Smoked Salmon Pasta Salad
*Pasta Salad with Tuna
*Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
Pastrami Bolognese

Vegetarian Mains
Mushroom-Leek Bread Pudding
Mushroom Stroganoff
*Zucchini Parmesan
*Polenta with Mushrooms

*Salmon Patties
*Tilapia Puttanesca
*Seared Scallops with Salsa
*Shrimp Scampi
*Steamed Mussels
*Herbed Cheese-Stuffed Salmon
Tilapia with Balsamic Butter Sauce
Whole Trout with Tarragon
Wicked Easy Fish Dinner
*Tuna & Avocado with Ponzu Sauce
Striped Bass with Chorizo in Saffron Broth

Greek Couscous with Chicken & Feta
Yogurt-Marinated Roast Chicken
Chicken Pozole
*Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken with Sage Pesto
*Potato Chicken Boulanger
*Creamy Basil Chicken
*Lemon Chicken with Roasted Garlic Sauce
*River Cottage Roast Chicken
*Chicken Spanikopita
*Roasted Chicken Thighs with Rosemary, Red Onions & Red Potatoes
*Chicken Roulade with Olives and Preserved Lemons
*Garlic-Lemon Chicken with Leeks
*Roasted Chicken Breasts
*Chicken with Fennel and Tomatoes
Chicken Stew
Cuban Chicken Thighs with Chorizo Rice
Chicken Fricasee
Chicken Marsala
*Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
*Chicken Parmigiana
Duck Breasts with Fig Balsamic Butter Sauce
Crispy Roasted Duck with Mustard Sauce
Turkey Breast Roasted Porchetta Style
Stuffed Turkey Thighs
Slow Cooker Coq au Vin
Pan-Seared Chicken Thighs with Grainy Mustard-Maple Sauce Chicken with Jerusalem Artichokes
Turkey Rubbed with Duck Fat & Herbs
Fennel-Rubbed Chicketta with Bread Salad

*Parmesan-Crusted Pork Chops
*Lemon-Pepper Pork Loin
*Pork Chops and Scallopped Potato Casserole
*Mustard-Crusted Pork Loin
*Baked Pork Chops Dijon
Pork Chops with Arugula and Grape Tomatoes
Mustard Pork Chops and Crispy Cabbage
Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin
*Chili-Cocoa Rubbed Pork Loin with Mango Salsa
Ultimate Pork Chops with Mustard/Pickle Sauce

*Steak Frites with Shallot Pan Reduction
*Beef Fajitas
*Real Beef Stroganoff
*Steak au Poivre
*Beer-Braised Sirloin Tips with Mushroom Sauce
One-Hour Roast Beef
Braised Short Ribs
Boeuf BourgignonUltimate Cottage Pie

Other Meats
*January Lamb Stew
*Sausage Pilaf
*Herb-Stuffed Boneless Leg of Lamb
*Leg of Lamb Stuffed with Wild Mushrooms and Greens
Rabbit in Tarragon Cream Sauce
Prairie Pie (with ground buffalo)
*Grilled Lamb Salad
Goat Stew
Roast Lamb with Lemon
Roasted Leg of Rabbit with Dijon Mustard Sauce


*Drizzled Pineapple
Baked Bananas with Blueberries

Crisps & Cobblers
*Berry Cobbler
Rhubarb Crisp
Blueberry-Peach Crisp
Harvest Pear Crisp
*Red-Wine Poached Pear Crisp
Pear-Cranberry Crisp

Cookies & Bars
*Oatmeal Cardamom Cookies
*Carrot Oatmeal Cookies
Chocolate-Pine Nut Cookies
Nutella Cookies
Ultimate Brownies

Brown Butter Almond Cake with Roasted Pears and Caramel Syrup
Meyer Lemon Cake
Gingerbread-Pear Cakes
Gingerbread Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Brown-Butter Pumpkin Layer Cake

Cheesecakes and Other Creamy Things
*Baklava Cheesecake
*New York Cheesecake
Hot White Chocolate
Maple Pots-de-Creme
*Lemon-Buttermilk Pudding Cake
Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread Pudding

Frozen Treats

Chamomile Tea Sorbet
Pear-Ginger Sorbet
Cucumber-Dill Sorbet
*Mango Sorbet
*Papaya Sorbet
*Pineapple Sorbet
*Banana Sorbet
*Coconut-Almond Sorbet
*Grapefruit-Ginger-Basil Sorbet
*Earl Grey Sorbet

*Honey-Walnut Frozen Yogurt

Cinnamon-Egg Nog Ice Cream
Peach Cheesecake Ice Cream
Raspberry-White Chocolate Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream
Cherry-Chestnut Ice Cream
Ultimate Vanilla Ice Cream

Nut Brittle

*Watermelon Lemonade

Other Stuff
Slow-Cooker Yogurt
Quick Sour Cream Puff Pastry
Half-Sour Pickles
*Toasted Pumpkin Seeds


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