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This morning, between snoozes, I had a strange dream that felt like several different dreams layered on top of one another.

In one layer of the dream, I was at the home of a drug dealer. I was some kind of investigator, possibly under cover, trying to figure out what had happened to the kingpin's daughter, who had disappeared.

I was looking at a magazine with an article about Renaissance forgeries of Greek sculpture and how to spot the difference. There were drawings of various headless nude female figures with arrows to indicate telltales. The article and all the illustrations were in black & white.

The kingpin was throwing a sculpture he had determined to be a forgery off the enormous cliff that his house was perched on, into the water below, and was explaining to me that it would add to the ersatz reef he was constructing there to provide habitat for various endangered species of tropical fish.

I was diving off the cliff, dressed up like the sculpture in a flowing white chiton with a too-large, thick black crewneck t-shirt underneath. Plunging into the blue water, I could see the bubbles rising toward the top as I dove down to the sculpture in an effort to discover what the kingpin was hiding.

My partner and I were standing in the driveway, next to a car in which the drug dealer's kidnapped daughter was tied, trying to break into the trunk before the mudslide that was laying waste to the neighborhood buried the car. I could feel the ooze seeping into my shoes, piling up as I steadily wielded a crowbar under the edge of the trunk's lid.

And then I woke up.
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